Thursday, 23 July 2020

Reading The Signs

I collected Rosie yesterday, and we went on a school trip [OK, Grandma had to sort out something in IKEA, but I made sure it was an educational outing] As I carefully reversed the car, I said "It's Bin Day, I must be careful not to knock over the wheelie bins in the lane"
And Rosie said "Oh no, don't do that, the reindeer poo will all come out!"
"Is there reindeer poo in the bin, then?"
"Yes, there's a picture"
And I guess If a child sees this, and is told it is full of dog poo
Then when they see  a larger bin decorated with a reindeer, it is an obvious conclusion
After all, we do have quite a few deer here in Norfolk


  1. There was something on local news about District councils amalgamating in Norfolk like they have in Suffolk (least I think thats what they were talking about as I missed some) so I hope Breckland doesn't lose its Deer logo as it's quite unique.

    1. Having grown up in Dereham [the name means Deer Park] I know that the logo is pretty special for this area

  2. Ah, the logic of children! There's nothing quite like it! :)

  3. Haha! I love random associations!

  4. Breckland Council's logo is the deer.The City of London's coat of arms has two dragons on it - I'm not sure what they have on their wheelie bins!


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