Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Library Rocks!

Last week, a lovely thing appeared on my twitter feed. A Maths teacher in Hertfordshire [as I was in 1977] living in St Albans  [as Bob was when I met him] has been encouraging people to get back to the re-opened local library. She did this by painting the covers of books on stones, and hiding them. And they are fabulous...

Classic books, modern books, crime novels, comedy pieces

Some of them are books written by friends, others are books set in St Albans, and the collection is very varied.
The gifted artist [mother of two, Cub Scout leader, teacher, cook...] is Ella Dickson, and she has a passion for learning, and enabling others to learn.
I contacted Ella and asked if I could reproduce the pictures from her Twitter feed here, and she was happy for me to do so. [Thank you Ella]
Last year she was in the local paper- when she iced biscuits for her students to help them remember their maths formulae.  The year before, she painted the covers of children's books onto stones and hid them around the library.
I think Rosie would recognise some of these- 
I bet Ella's maths lessons are brilliant too! What a lovely idea, and what joy to find one of these treasures. Below is a YouTube clip from 2018 when her children's book rocks appeared. 
A good news story indeed...


  1. What a clever lady and a lovely idea

  2. Ah, that is such a wonderful thing! What creativity!

  3. Wow! That's just awesome!

  4. How wonderful! What a creative thing to do. I am so pleased that my library is at least partially opened, in fact, I'm off in a few minutes to do a curb side pickup of a huge pile of holds! This is a long weekend here (not that that means a lot at the moment) but Sunday and Monday are to be very hot and stormy so I will be found on my couch working my way through this pile!
    Libraries are the best!

  5. I'd love to know where the idea came from, so very clever. And so pretty too.

    1. Hi, I started with a Harry Potter rock, just because I wanted to copy something recognisable and complicated. And it went on from there!

    2. Thank you Ella, for sharing that part of the story!


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