Wednesday 29 July 2020

The Windows Are Closed!

I harvested the latest rhubarb crop at Cornerstones, and brought it back to Dorset. I made some Rhubarb Windows from Jenny&Heather's recipe. One tin to eat whilst still in Ferndown,. and one to go in the freezer, for our return from holiday.  I love this recipe, and sometimes add some chopped ginger pieces to it.[This time I didn't]. You make the sponge mix, spread it in the pan, and then lay the rhubarb on top. When cooked, you cut it up into 'windows'

Except I was really tired on Saturday evening, and totally engrossed in a radio play, and laid out the rhubarb before I put in the sponge mix. Too late did I realise my error. 
So all my windows are closed. It tastes just as good though, even if it isn't as appealing visually.
Custard, as well as charity, can cover a multitude of sins.[1 Peter 4 verse 8]


  1. Sounds delicious, whether the windows are open or closed! :)

  2. Yum!!! I have 2 Rhubarb plants in my gardennow, onerescued from death at school and a new one. Both have really skinny stalks though. Can I eat them?

    1. If they're as thick/thicker than C's thumb, I'd say yes. Harvest them, and they may grow a second crop in a few more weeks.


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