Thursday, 16 July 2020

Things I Have Learned Recently

1 - Paw Patrol are on a roll - and Grandma now knows they are found on a channel called "NeckFlakes"*
2 - That our generous neighbours, for whom Rosie made a Thank You card are called "The Courgette Family"*
3 - That Sylvanian Families are still popular - and to replace the collection of creatures, settings, furnishings and miscellanea which Rosie has been playing with here, would cost well in excess of £300. 
4 - That neither Liz, Steph, nor Bob knew I'd kept so much SF stuff when we left London in1995, and it was hidden in a box in the loft in Leicester 
I relocated it to Norfolk when we moved to Dorset,
 just in case I ever had any grand- children...] 
I'd forgotten how many "extras" I'd made back in the 1980s. Fresh clothes for some characters, tiny paper carrier bags, with typed labels, for the baker's shop,  bags of "oats" and rugs for the pony, pillows and quilts for the beds. 
* I love the way children make up their own words/names for things. 
They are also very quick to come up with answers when things are not quite what they want. I asked Rosie if I could borrow a Meg and Mog book. [I wanted to plan a day of themed lessons] No, she told me, it might get damaged. "Just for one night, I'd be ever so careful with it." 
It would be like borrowing a library book, and I'd like to read it at bed time." I explained. 
"Well, Grandma, why don't you just ask Grandad Bob to read you a Katie Morag Story at bedtime then?" 


  1. How handy that you kept the toys tucked away. Totally missed out on SF here - and now expensive "Vintage" so will go without again.

    1. You may find some on one of your Boot Fair Excursions. Rosie played for an hour yesterday afternoon, making up stories and organising characters and props... Meanwhile I sat with a needle and thread doing minor repairs to squirrel jackets and kitten dresses.

  2. S F were expensive when I was growing up. I really wanted SF when I was young but never got any. CBC bought me a Sylvanian Family Music Teacher set when we were first going out. I found my niece a couple of SF bits in TK Maxx that were a good price. When we were at university, my friend Kathy lived down the same road as a Sylvanian Family shop, somewhere near Highbury I think.
    Rosie is a character. I love hearing of her exploits!

  3. I always liked the fact my nieces used to call them "Transylvanian families" - I imagined tiny vampire squirrels and werewolf families dressed in cutesy garments!

  4. That is wonderful that you had kept all those things and that they are still popular.
    I'm laughing because we use the Katie Morag books in Gaelic for Beginner's Classes - and everyone loves her. (These are adult classes).

    1. The Big Boy Cousins are my favourite characters

  5. I am loving your creative adventure in (grandmother) teaching. Used to buy the Sylvanian Family toys for my children whenever I came to the UK. Sad to say I was not as clever as you in holding on to them.

    Depending on the final proposal of our local school system, I may be full time teaching my six year old grandson beginning in September, so your writings on this subject are very timely (my degree was in English Lit, not education). Things are pretty much a complete mess in the US with virus numbers rising in 41 states. Our local school system is proposing a schedule that would require parents--particular those with young children--to supervise their children online for 8 hours a day, three days a week, while asking students to attend school in person two days a week (in masks). Neither my daughter, nor virtually any of the educators/school staff want to see this happen with the virus still rampant.
    My DD has been working from home since March--supervising eight others doing likewise--so the idea of trying to monitor virtual learning (in and out of zoom-type classes) of her 6-year-old on a computer all day long is simply unrealistic. My hope is that our schools will decide to continue virtual teaching only at least until January, but with an adaptable schedule--as they did from March to June. If not, my DD may have to take him out of the system altogether and I will home school him. So, you can see why your writings about your work with Rosie have struck a chord.

    1. I do hope things work out ok for your family. It is so stressful for parents trying to hold on to their jobs, teach their children and keep the family safe...


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