Tuesday 20 April 2021

Boxing Day

I love the way children supply their own words when they want to describe something and cannot think of the right term. When Liz was very small, we drove past a garden full of beehives "Look at all the honey-sheds!" she shouted. Rosie likes using her own terminology for things too. Last Tuesday when her Dad came over to Cornerstones to help us unload the van, she referred to it as Boxing Day.

I've had fun labelling boxes. Maybe not quite as efficiently as in previous moves - Bob has been so much busier this year and so the bulk of packing fell to me. And sometimes I wrote slightly misleading labels.

Not wanting anyone to injure themselves, I made sure to write Heavy where appropriate. Bob misunderstood this, and when he read NOT LIGHT he took extra care when lifting. Only to discover it was an IKEA "Not" Light! 

We had lots of boxes of books, despite the massive cull - Bible commentaries, fiction, craft books, reference books, hymn books, cookbooks, children's books... One box was labelled SOD BOOKS. 

Bob gently asked if I was getting fed up with packing, this was not my usual sort of language. I was momentarily baffled. What on earth was I thinking to write that? Then I realised it referred to the two large volumes of the Shorter Oxford Dictionary! Mags and Pauline, I could do with your library skills getting my shelves straight! 

One kitchen box contained oil, flour, and some empty jars. I wrote that on the side, but on the top just labelled it Zarephath. Someone in Dorset asked for an explanation, as did Jon when we unloaded it here. "It's in 1Kings 17, the story where God provides food for the prophet and the faithful woman" I said "You know I never miss an opportunity to tell a Bible story!" 

Thus far nothing seems to have been damaged in transit. We have a slight issue with the four orchids. They are fine and healthy - but we cannot work out where to put them, so currently they are standing in the bath! 

Lack of new garage/workshop [aka Lathe Palace] means there are a lot of items stacked in the summerhouse and there are boxes everywhere in the house. And lack of the new wardrobe means we have our clothes hanging on the rail I normally use for play costumes - it does feel as if we are sleeping in a Charity Shop. But I am sleeping really well here, so is Bob. That has to be a good thing. 

By the next Boxing Day - December 26th - I think we should be straight! 


  1. I remember surviving in our new house for 3 months without a wardrobe and we had boxes of clothes around the room. Luckily our bedroom is 6m long! We also had no sofa, chairs or table for 5months and survived on a camp chair and our previous Landlord's la-Z boy chair!
    You'll get there!
    I laughed at SOD books!

  2. Good luck. I'm not sure if I've finished sorting since I moved to this house eleven years ago.

  3. Getting straight is one of those things that I aim for but never achieve. The sod(ding) books are part of the problem!
    Sleeping well is a really good sign, I'm glad to hear it.

  4. You remind me to get out my SOD - I haven't used it for ages... Good luck with the unpacking. Cheers

  5. Sounds like you are in the middle of settling in! Sleeping well is a good sign. :)

  6. Thanks everyone. As Kezzie says, we will get there in the end (hope it doesn't take eleven years though, FC)


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