Monday 19 April 2021

Moving Stories #5 - The Box

The final Moving Story ...In 1965 I was ten - and we moved from Hartlepool to Norfolk. A friend from church had some sort of clothing business, and gave my parents some "suit boxes". I had a couple to pack the stuff from my bedroom. I still have one of them to this day.

It folds up, the corners slot together, and there are holes for a cord handle. It is very battered now, and I think this will definitely be its last move. But the various labels on it show what a varied life it has had. 

A's room

Wedding Dress

Electric Blanket

Bridesmaid's dresses

Gift Bags

In the move from Bexleyheath to Leicester it was Box 423. At that move, everything was tagged with Raffle Tickets, and carefully listed in a little book, because we were going into temporary accommodation for seven months.

That's not bad going for a cardboard box which is 56 years old, is it? 

The next few days [weeks?] will see us unpacking all these boxes and trying to fit the contents into a bungalow which was already furnished. There's going to be a lot of stuff which will not be staying,  and "why did we bring this?" questions, I am sure. 


  1. It's amazing how much one has managed to squirrel away even after a massive cull of stuff (I thought the moving stuff was never going to end when we moved the last 2 times!)
    Hope that you manage to get sorted. I'm moving items back into my music room today and I'm full of trepidation at how the new shelves will be and whether things will fit and I'm on a time limit as I've only got till lunchtime to get everything back into the music room then the afternoon to actually get it organised! Sigh....

  2. That cardboard box has served you well! Unpacking and putting things away is the part I hate the most! So, good luck! :)

  3. Hello Angela, I've been enjoying your blog for almost a year now, so saying hello is long overdue! Not sure how I wound my way here, but I'm glad I did. Your moving stories have brought back memories of the many moves my family made while I was growing up, including a couple to and from the UK. That was long ago, late 70s and again in late 80s. I settled into my current home 21 years ago, and wild horses couldn't drag me out! Best wishes for a wonderful retirement. Celie in Wisconsin.

  4. Hi Celie - thank you for your comment. I wonder which part of the UK you lived in. I confess I had to check a map of the USA to locate Wisconsin. I have good friends in Illinois, and I know a Pastor from Minnesota, which are neighbouring states. I'll have to find out more about where you live now!


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