Thursday 8 April 2021

Captured By The Fuzz

Here's another interesting Art Story to come out of lockdown...Did you ever have Fuzzy Felt as a child [do your children or grandchildren still play with it?] 

Lucy Morrow, an artist from Nottinghamshire, started playing around with an old FF set when she was recovering from surgery.

She began recreating scenes from films and TV shows, and great works of art. Her husband suggested posting online, and things have really taken off.

Her Instagram site is called Captured By The Fuzz, and you can find her animated creations on YouTube too. Here she is recreating George and Zippy from Rainbow

Here's Florence and co at the Magic Roundabout
Maria, extolling the Sound Of Music

Cary Grant avoiding the cropduster with the machine-gun in North By NorthWest

And for the more cultured among you, Van Gogh's Starry Night

What a talented lady - and all with just a box or two of simple felt shapes!
Read the full story, and watch a brief BBC video here. Buy her greetings cards here. Thanks for sharing some much needed smiles, Lucy 
UPDATE.  Bless was unaware of FF, so I checked its history... Fuzzy Felt is a popular British toy, invented by an American woman called Lois Allan. She went to Paris to study art, then married a Brit in the 1920s and moved to the UK. During WW2 they had a business making felt gaskets for tanks, and she saw that the children of the women who worked for them had fun playing with the scraps.  Postwar, Lois developed this into a toy and FF was first marketed in 1950. 


  1. Never heard of Fuzzy Felt before this! It's amazing what a talented artist can do!

    1. Bless, I've added some FF history to the original post

  2. Oh, how I loved Fuzzy Felt as a child!! I had several sets, but didn't like the modern sets so much, when they printed faces and so on on the felt shapes. I prefferred using my imagination to make the shapes into whatever I wanted, rather than being "told" what they were.

  3. I loved fuzzy felt and Emma had some too but it wasn't as good somehow!

  4. I liked Fuzzy Felt a lot! I wonder if I could use some felt scraps I've got to make an FF set for kids at school to use at wet play etc. It is so nicely tactile.

    1. It's a good idea to have a firm base to work on. Lots of DIY FF ideas on the Internet.

  5. These are really lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it!


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