Friday 30 April 2021

It's A Giveaway !


As we unpacked the books, we came across four duplicates. Three in very good condition- one with some notes in it [many notes, actually, it's a music book!] Three are Very Useful books, and the novel has been a favourite for years. I love the idea of four cows called Aimless, Graceless, Feckless and Pointless! If anybody out there is interested, please comment below saying which one you would like, and I will post it to you.

Junior Praise - part of the Mission Praise series - it has Bob's name in the front, as it was his copy from the music stand at church. A good mixture of traditional and slightly newer kid's songs.[pub 1986- so not that new!] Excellent 'seasonal' selections [Christmas, Harvest, Advent, etc]
Common Worship - Services and Prayers for the Church of England.  Exactly what it says on the cover. [pub 2000]  Two bookmark ribbons. Useful resource for anyone [CofE or not] who is called upon to take services or lead prayers. One of these days we may get back to doing live in person services!!
Bible - New Living Translation. 
This is  a 'presentation' edition. Navy and Tan faux calfskin cover, and frontispiece for an inscription
Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons' 1932 masterpiece.[Penguin classics edition, 2006, with introduction by Lynne Truss] If you ever wondered about "something nasty in the woodshed" or wondered why "there is no butter in hell" then you ought to read this book. 

As I said before, If anybody out there is interested, please comment below saying which one you would like, and I will post it to you. Please comment before MONDAY evening If you want more than one, list them in order of preference. I'll do my best to share them out fairly!


  1. Hello Angela So pleased that you and Bob have happily settled into life at Cornerstones. I would love the beautiful bible or the common worship for the prayers as I have found myself leading intercessions from time to time.

    Heather x

    1. Hi Heather. Depending on other responses, I will send you one of them!

  2. Gosh, I remember the Junior Praise book. I love the film Cold Comfort Farm. The Golden Orb is certainly not out today and we have a nephew called Seth and Grandson Ruben.
    Hope your unpacking is going well.

  3. The traditional names are becoming popular again, aren't they

  4. Hi Ang, glad to hear the unpacking is progressing well. A copy of Common Worship would be useful. Currently I just look up the relevant liturgy online, but it isn’t always easy to find!

  5. Bible going to Catz. Common Worship to Alice (please email me your addresses) Any takers for the other two?

  6. Hello Angela, glad to hear you’re settling in and unpacking. I would love to have the Stella Gibbons. Cold Comfort Farm is one of my favourite books.

  7. I have always meant to read Cold Comfort Farm, I would love to receive the book!

  8. Hope my request for cold comfort farm found it’s way to you 🤞🏻

  9. I love Cold Comfort Farm - if you're willing to send to France, I'll share the cost of the postage with you. I haven't read it for ages!

  10. Strictly in order of comments arriving, Jane in Dorset will get CCF


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