Tuesday 27 April 2021

Cleaning Up

In April 2018, I posted about the Euro-scrubby I had purchased the year before. I said at the time that the website suggested the life of these products was "6 months to 2 years" - and mine had already had one year of heavy use.

Here is that same cloth now - a full four years since purchase. It is faded, beginning to go into holes, and going a little soft in places, so it is not as effective at cleaning things

So I have splashed out £3.50 on a bright new one! That is less than 2p a week - way cheaper than stacks of shredding plastic based green scourers, and far better for the planet. The old one can be cut into small pieces and go into the compost - the new one will take its place by the kitchen sink. 
I did contact Lakeland, but as far as I can tell, they still do not stock them. 
I notice the packaging has changed- it is now simply called "Scrubby" - the manufacturers in Malvern have removed Euro from its name. [another thing to blame on Brexit!]


  1. Ooohhhh I love a good cloth, that one certainly seems to have earned its retirement. I am for ever having to replace the green bit on the mop I use for pans, maybe I should invest in one myself. I do still have some of the magic sponges which do clean off what 'other products' don't. They will soon be finished though. I hope you are getting tidier and settling in to Cornerstones. On course for a happy retirement, you sure have both earned it, although doubltess you will find someway to occupy yourselves.

    1. Thank you SBBE. We are gradually getting sorted. The scrubby has definitely been good value for money

  2. I'm glad you treated yourself to a new scrubby as you start off your new life. I hope the new one lasts you just as long as the old one did!

  3. AH, your scrubby did well! I have a Coconut Coir scrubber which I've been using for a while now as well as a jute and cotton scrubber which I was given as a present by my stepmum - both seem to do the trick!

  4. Don't be too quick to chuck that scrubber on the compost heap; I put mine through the dishwasher to clean it, then set it aside to use for cleaning out plastic plant pots.

    Just a suggestion!



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