Wednesday 18 January 2023

All Roads Lead To...

... well, it isn't Rome anyway. Among those leading out of this village, a number go to the nearby tiny village of Hoe [it's mentioned in the Domesday Book] In case you ever need to go there from Swanton Morley, try one of these roads
Over Christmas, we loved Jess continually saying HoHo! But this is definitely a case of Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! 
I go to Hoe once a fortnight for my craft group. It's called "Something Snappy". I thought that it might have once been some sort of Camera Club. But no, when it started, they couldn't think of a name. Apparently somebody suggested that Hoe Craft Club was dull, and the should call it something snappy. So they did. 
The group meets in the Parish Hall, set in the corner of the churchyard, next to Hoe Hall. This is the largest property in the village, some parts dating back to the 17thC. I took this photo on Monday after my group. The wall of the churchyard goes round the corner. The church on the right just out of shot, the little Parish Hall is on the left - and behind you can see Hoe Hall.
I was standing in the middle of the T junction to take the photo. But by the time you get to the junction, you're not on Hoe Road any more. This was the sign behind me. Yes, whichever of the three routes you take, you will be on Hall Road! 
Normal for Norfolk, as they say...
HoHo as Jess says... 


  1. How very curious!

  2. My mother belonged to a book club called the No Name Club, because they couldn't think of a good name for it.
    You should see the bazillion Peaach Tree streets in Atlanta, Georgia! It's frightening to try to find your way there.


    1. Repeated names cause so much confusion. We used to live in Barns Close, which led into Barons Close, with Barons Court at the end. We frequently had deliveries meant for the other addresses

  3. It must be fun for the people who live around there, trying to explain to new visitors or delivery people, how to find them!

  4. I laughed at the Something Snappy name and the multiple Hoe/Hall Roads! I hope you are producing snappy craft results.

    1. It is lovely to meet with other crafter and share skills, and learn new techniques. We're a very mixed bunch

  5. I love the phrase 'normal for Norfolk'. :-)


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