Monday 13 March 2023

If You Want To Get Ahead...

Yes, I can make a paper hat - give me a large sheet and 5 minutes, and I could be Margot Leadbetter's Milliner. But Ukrainian Asya Kozina has taken the craft of paper-hat-making to new heights [literally] 
Just look at these... 

In her thirties, this gifted young woman is building a reputation across the world for her stunning creations, re-interpreting baroque and rococo ideas in carefully sculpted paper.  She is also using her international connections to enable her to set up programmes to help children and young people of Ukraine who have been displaced by the war. The hats may be crazy, but the woman behind them has her head screwed on and her heart in the right place


  1. Wow, they are amazing!! What a talented artist!

  2. Very creative! All for a very good cause, too. :)

  3. They are amazing, but what does one do with one? They would be wonderful display items, delicately dusted now and then!

    1. And they take up a lot of room, too. They do spark joy, but I'm not sure I need to own one

  4. She could make a few for Ascot as long as it didn't rain.

  5. Incredible- ' hats off to her ' ( sorry couldn't resist:) )

  6. The paper work is amazing! Catriona

  7. A bit much even for Ascot, but amazing!
    Hope she can help the Ukrainian chidren as she intends to do.


  8. These extraordinary hats are mind boggling!


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