Wednesday 8 March 2023

One I Prepared Earlier

Here I am, back in my happy place, planning for Holiday Club! It is strange having it in the Easter holidays rather than the summer, but that seems to fit well here. At the weekend we made yet another banner

I took a photo of the spray painting inside the carriage house - but forgot to take one once I'd peeled of the letters and hung it outside the chapel.
It has a QR code on it, so families can scan it and that gets them straight to the registration form.
Meanwhile I've been busy preparing crafts. Our theme is Restoration Station and where possible we are using recycled materials
These bottle tops are faces. They have a hole punched in the centre (with hand held leather punch) and goggle eyes. They have a peel off back - but they do not stick, and they are very fiddly. To save time I've stuck the eyes in advance using a hot glue gun. Bob is wandering around humming "I only have eyes for you" 
Liz declared that the spare bedroom was like the council recycling centre. It's full of cardboard tubes, pizza boxes, bottle tops and old CDs. But in 4 weeks it will be all over 
Until then, Cornerstones will feel like the Blue Peter Studio!


  1. You are describing my back bedroom to a tee! I have spent many hours carefully decluttering over the last few weeks when it’s been very cold and the floor of the room can now be seen thank goodness. It’s great to be using recycled materials and helping the children to have fun. Catriona

    1. The main advantage of 'not being able to see the floor' is that you don't need to vacuum it!

  2. I look forward to seeing what it becomes!! Kxx

    1. I hope you find some of the ideas for crafts useful, Kezzie

  3. Looks interesting - I do admire your community spirit.
    Alison in Wales x

  4. It sounds like you are happily and craftily busy!


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