Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It's All About Africa!

Didn't I salogo -bbc_oney I couldn't get Africa out of my thoughts lately?

There was a trailer on BBC1 last night about the next programme in the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.

I think these gentle books by Alexander McCall Smith are lovely! I am going to enjoy watching Precious Ramotswe and her colleagues solving more mysteries in Botswana. I shall probably sit and drink a cup of Redbush tea with her, and do my knitting as I watch.


My brother-in-law Frank, who travels a lot, says the books really do sum up the character of the country brilliantly.

botswana map I don't cope very well with the heat, so I am not planning to visit Botswana - although they do drive on the left, which is useful - and I love the idea of visiting a place named Molepolole!

Let's have more programmes like this, please!


  1. I enjoyed reading the books of the No. 1 Ladies detective agency, hope the TV series is just as good.

  2. Can you get BBC on TV in India, Elizabeth - or are you able to use your computer to watch it via the Internet?


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