Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vagabonds On The Journey …

the journey 2

Back in December, the songwriter Stuart Townend came to Leicester. I was so looking forward to the evening…and then I had a bout of d&v and had to stay home in bed. Two very thoughtful friends went along – and bought me his latest CD as a Christmas Gift because I’d missed the concert. The CD is called ‘The Journey’ and I am loving it. One of the tracks I am particularly fond of is called “Vagabonds”

townend journey

Come all you fallen, and come all you broken. Find strength for your body and food for your soul. Come to the feast,there is room at the table. Come let us meet in this place, with the King of all kindness who welcomes us in, with the wonder of love, and the power of grace.

Come, all you vagabonds,
Come all you 'don't belongs'
Winners and losers,
Come, people like me.
Come all you travellers
Tired from the journey,
Come wait a while, stay a while,
Welcomed you'll be.

Come all you questioners
Looking for answers,
And searching for reasons
And sense in it all;
Come all you fallen,
And come all you broken,
Find strength for your body
And food for your soul.

Come to the feast,
There is room at the table.
Come let us meet in this place.
With the King of all kindness
Who welcomes us in,
With the wonder of love,
And the power of grace.
The wonder of the love,
And the power of grace.

Come those who worry
'Bout houses and money,
And all those who don't have
A care in the world;
From every station
And orientation,
The helpless, the hopeless,
The young and the old.

Come all believers
And dreamers and schemers,
And come all you restless
Just searching for home;
Movers and shakers
And givers and takers,
The happy, the sad
And the lost and alone.

Come self-sufficient
With wearied ambition,
And come those who feel
At the end of the road.
Fiery debaters
And religion haters,
Accusers, abusers,
The hurt and ignored.

Stuart Townend, Mark Edwards & Phil Baggaley


  1. I love Stuart Townend's songs. They always bring the Spirit! He writes profound lyrics and he's the worship leader I would love to see live more than any other. ALL my favourite worship songs are by him (I know I shouldn't have favourites but...)
    What a shame you didn't get to see him!x

  2. What a shame you didnt get to see him. I like the words of this song, but havent heard it yet.


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