Monday, 29 June 2020

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar...

We're getting to the age where daily medication is the norm. Whilst here alone in my "Norfolk Bubble" Bob has phoned me morning and evening - and at some point in the conversation, one of us shouts "Pills!" as a reminder to keep taking the tablets.
But when did these thing get such silly names?
Take Omiprazole [I do, as it happens] The pharmacist calls it O-MIP-razole, but I prefer O-mee-praz-oli. You can sing that to the operatic aria O Sole Mio [aka Just One Cornetto]
I mentioned this to Liz, who said she sings it to a more British Tune "Let's all go down the Strand, Omee Prazolee"
Then there's the blood thinner - Clopidogrel, which sounds like awfully bad poetry written for carthorses.
Or the one for nursing Mums [I'm glad Steph's not on this one] called Domperidone. That sounds far too much like Dom Perignon  for me - what baby would want his Mum dosed up on best champagne? Those bubbles would definitely cause wind!
Apparently there's a drug for arthritis called Anakinra -presumably it helps you become a sky walker?
Who makes these names up? Still, I am daily grateful to the NHS, and free prescriptions for elderly women like me. I'd hate to be in the situation where I had to choose between buying my meds and buying my food, as many people are in other countries.
As Roy Castle didn't quite say on his fantastic "Record Breakers" programme
Medication's what you need


  1. At least, the medications are still available, no matter what their names might be. I heard on the news, here, today, that they are expecting a shortage of prescription medications due to the pandemic (apparently, much of our medications are manufactured elsewhere and imported). Since I take prescribed medications for a variety of ailments, I wonder how things might turn out to be.

  2. I used to use one called Nitrofurantoin, which sounds a bit like a recipe for bomb making.


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