Tuesday 25 May 2010

I'm Feeling Fine

That's a song from 'Bugsy Malone' - the end-of-year production at one of my schools. And I am making the costumes.

I haven't been in school today as my tuition pupils are on a Residential trip this week. Bob went off to Didcot bright and early. So I have had a whole day of cutting and sewing and listening to BBC Radio 7.

I'd done the dresses earlier, today was waistcoats










I made a pattern from newspaper using an old waistcoat as a template. Then cut out eight in silver fabric with pink for linings


Then I sewed all the way round [leaving turning hole in side seams]


And then turn through and press - and finally handstitch the last bit of the side seams. I worked from 8am - 3pm on the waistcoats.


That included a large lime green one for Fat Sam [he has a Big Part!] - the boy playing Sam is going to be padded up.


Soon the rail was looking satisfyingly full.


I shall try and post a tutorial about the charleston dresses later.

They were SO simple - I took one in to school last week for a trial fitting, and it looked really effective.

Then Bob got home and after our meal, I made a tea cosy for a friend


I had lots of fun embellishing the strip quilting using the fancy stitches on my machine and some Guterman Sulky Multi thread which I bought in Button Boutique yesterday.



I'm feeling fine - and planning to do more sewing tomorrow...


  1. No wonder we never see you anymore, what with your lovely house normal work, the church and now wardrobe mistress! They look fab. Youust be shattered.

  2. That makes me feel tired just reading it!

    The costumes look fab, they are soo fortunate to have you.

  3. They look wonderful! You have been busy. :-)

  4. Wow! YOU are a great costume maker! Love the tea cozy, too! You're smart to make patterns out of newspaper. You've given me some ideas.

  5. You busy bee. The costumes are so professional. I made ours, years ago, for Merlin, gorgeous fabrics mostly found in charity shops!


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