Saturday 25 September 2010

Come as You Are

Sunday 26th September is “Back To Church Sunday” and we have given out loads of invitations


This afternoon, whilst Bob tidied up the vestibule and David cut the grass, I put up a display for the visitors we hope will come…


Unlike previous displays, where we have focussed on the different groups and events going on in the life of the church, this time it is simply lots of photographs of people with the strapline


not just a PLACE we go to,

but a FAMILY where we belong

I was surprised how many suitable photos I had [a high proportion of them have appeared on the blog!] of our loving, caring Church family. I was not surprised by how many of them involved eating though! Breaking Bread Together is something we do quite often.



Now I have to go and blow up a lot of orange balloons!

If you are doing BTCS, I pray that your events are well attended.

btcs red



  1. It looks so inviting....I wish we could come!

  2. We're building anextension which will be finished by New Year hopefully, so we're postponing BTCS for when we can invite the community in to see what all the diggers have been for! Oh I hope you'll make new friends tomorrow!

  3. That sounds exciting mags - you could sing all those songs like "I will build my church"!


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