Wednesday 22 September 2010

Just Desserts!

So it is all over – the Great British Bake Off has finished – and of the three gifted finalists – Edd, Miranda and Ruth…

bakeoff finalists

… in the end, the winner was Edd [a very nice chap]

edd kimber great british bake off winner

I must admit, that when Sue Perkins put on her sad voice at one point and said “But regrettably we have to send one person home” I yelled out “Get rid of Paul!” as I was getting really annoyed with the judge. I think Mary Berry was a little frustrated by his attitude too. All three finalists were excellent, and I am not sure I would have wanted to make the decision.

bake off cake

I’ve also watched Jamie’s American Food Revolution

jamie usa food revolution

Poor lad! Trying to persuade the school cook to allow the children to use knives and forks, when they normally eat with spoons and fingers. And that headteacher!! “When I saw Jamie teaching them to use the cutlery, I realised I could do that too”

We decided you cannot undo fifty years of fast food culture in a fortnight. But well done for trying, mate!

jamie obese family

And when he visited the obese family and gave them healthy menus – and returned to see how they were managing [they weren’t, really] “I mean, they go to church, so they can’t be lying to me, can they?” he said. Oh you sweet Essex boy, I could hug you, Jamie!

However, lest anyone should think that fabulous food is just on TV, I feel I must post pictures of the delicious desserts we shared at our Alpha Group last night. Katherine's Pineapple Cheeesecake and Caroline's Tiramisu Cake.



They were amazing – especially considering that Katherine has been really ill for a number of years, and this was her first attempt at making a pudding.

We decided we couldn’t possibly eat both desserts completely – so everybody took slices home to share with their husbands! If we eat like this every time we have an Alpha Group, we will probably need Jamie to come and prepare salads for us!jamie mr pea

Peas and Luv, Bruvver!!


  1. Hello Ang! Sadly we didnt watch much TV whilst in England, but your description of Jamie's programme made me laugh, esp. the quote from the head teacher!?!

  2. I enjoyed the GBBO very much and started watching the Jamie thing but fell asleep, must try and catch up with it

  3. I didn't watch Jamie's show when it was on; I sort of wanted to, but I was afraid it would make me too sad. Now I know for sure that it would.

    Beautiful cakes your friends made! Yum!


  4. Frances - I think it would be a shame if Brits thought ALL families in the USA ate that badly. But it is sad if ANY [USA or UK] do.


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