Sunday 26 September 2010


We have had a brilliant day

The banner and balloons went up first thing


We had quite a few visitors [I spoke to eight, there may have been others] and the morning service went really well.

Zara was there, back from the Special Olympics in Poland, where she won two gold medals in the tennis. What an honour for her, her family, our church and our village!


You can see the newsclip about how she met members of her Polish Family for the first time here.


At the service this evening Bob preached on Genesis 18, and how Abraham welcomed his visitors, and how we need to be welcoming. I hope some of the folk who came this morning will be back again!


  1. We too had a 'full house', Angela, it was so good to see new faces. A lunch followed, and we hope many will come back again.

  2. Excited with you!! May they see Christ's love in action and want to meet Him personally!

  3. I loved seeing the picture of your church from the outside! So glad you all had such a great day with many new faces.



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