Sunday 5 September 2010

Reality Shows

It was really exciting at church today [well, actually, I say that most Sundays, we are so blessed here] as our new youth worker has actually arrived. In fact we had a banner outside


And here she is, Hayley Gask, who has come to join us DSCF0007

She’s from the Leicestershire based “Reality Youth Project”


Next Sunday we are having a Family Service and Welcome Lunch – so please do drop in for a jacket potato if you are in the neighbourhood.


  1. Oh I wish I could say, "Save me a jacket potato!" It sounds like a fun afternoon!

  2. Wish I could drop it - but what's a 'jacket' potato?

  3. A Jacket Potato is a potato cooked in its skin [jacket], otherwise known as a Baked Potato!!


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