Friday 24 February 2012

Bargain Of The Week!

DSCF3313In the Post Office, to send off the Giveaway to Fat Dormouse, I spotted these high up on a hook.

15p for 20 sets. Admittedly they are for 2lb jars, not the more common 1lb size – but I can cope with them being a little too large [I have scissors, after all]

I only had a 20p coin left in my pocket, so only got the one set [and I had to ask a tall chap in the queue to fetch it down for me]

I have checked out on line and most places charge more than four times that price. The pack has gone into store all ready for the autumn.

Who would have thought that spending 15p could bring such happiness! There’s nothing quite like a spoonful of home-made marmalade on your toast, or a slice of ham with some chutney made from autumn windfalls, or a blob of plum jam stirred into a dish of creamy rice pudding…


  1. This made me smile that you got enjoyment from your little "find"; a new lipstick keeps me happy for a week! We are easy to please, eh?

  2. Nodding in agreement as I eat homemade jam on toast.
    Jane x


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