Monday 20 February 2012

An Unexpected Gift

A parcel arrived at the weekend, quite out of the blue from Bob’s sister in Surrey. Such pretty wrapping, and a lovely postcard


Denise wrote to say that she’d purchased some of this yarn to make a scarf, then saw a bag of it reduced in the Blue X Sale- and thought I might like to knit myself something with it. So I have eleven balls of this wonderful Sirdar Crofter Chunky



A couple of years ago I made this sleeveless top in the Crofter DK Wool.

My SIL is so amazingly generous, and I am going to check out the patterns in the ‘Chunky’ range [here].

pattern 9202

I quite like this cardi, pattern 9202. I certainly have enough yarn to complete it. What do you think?

I don’t think the Native American feathered head-band is obligatory

However, I have another project on the go at the minute [more on that later] and I am going to be A Bit Busier as of tomorrow.

On Tuesday I begin working at a village school** on a regular basis

I shall be working four mornings a week from now till Easter. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, after the dearth of Supply Work in the Autumn Term – but I suspect that there may be less blogging and fewer craftwork projects for the next six weeks.

Thanks Denise, for such a lovely gift!

[** the one where they built the snowmen pictured here]


  1. That's wonderful news about the job Angela! The wool is lovely - what a fab gift to receive. I like the pattern - I have something in a similar style which I picked up from a charity shop and I really love it.

  2. that is nice wool, your sil is indeed generous and thoughtful x

  3. Great news on the supply teaching and lovely wool xx

  4. If you decide that you cannot wear the cardi without the headband...I'll send you some wild turkey feathers, they should look quite authentic!
    Jane x

  5. Beautiful yarn and pattern too. I think you should go for the headband - just call it a fascinator and you'll be all the rage.

  6. OK, if I get the pattern, I'll order some feathers from Jane in Canada and be terribly fascinating.


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