Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Monday On The Motorbike

On Monday we had a space between Carol Services, and we needed to do a few jobs in the City, so we went in on the motorbike. We parked up and walked through Town Hall square, where the Nativity Scene, and children’s displays were bright and cheerful.

xmas 2014

I paused to put my camera back in my bag, by the War Memorial at the corner of the Square. Then I had to stop and photograph it.


I confess to my shame, that I had always thought this was a WW1 Memorial [although I knew there was the ‘Lutyens Arch’ in nearby Victoria Park] It was only this week that I discovered it was actually a memorial to those lost in the Boer Wars in South Africa. There was a temporary WW1 Memorial and fountain in the square, but only the fountain remains, as the memorial was smashed up in 1954. Why didn’t I notice the dates on this memorial before? I must have walked past it dozens of times.


We went into Cafe Roma for a coffee. I love it in there – but no doubt we will find another good coffee place when we move.

Then off to Button Boutique for some wool, and Bob looked in the window of the music shop which was closed. “Look at the finish on that guitar” he said “It is called ‘suede’” So I looked…


Then I noticed the sign on the neck of the guitar- Ultra Swede!!



After the bank, post office and other things, we rode home. Then drove in the car down to see Frank and Barbara.Their poppy from the Tower of London has arrived, and is standing by the front door. It was great to actually get close enough to touch one.

And it was even more lovely to be with family members at Christmas time


  1. Don't worry about your coffee fix there are plenty of foodie places in Dorset for coffee and everything else too! Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Thanks MJ - Bob has already started researching the Coffee Shops - there DO seem to be plenty x

  2. The poppy is huge!!! Glad you had a lovely Monday and how funny to notice the memorial anew this year!x

    1. The poppies are, I am informed, approximately the size of a human heart.


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