Tuesday, 9 December 2014

There Is Nothing like A Dame [Or Two]

Today is the 80th birthday of Judi Dench- and in about three weeks time, her good friend Maggie Smith also becomes an octogenarian.


These gifted Dames have been friends for over 55 years, and have acted together many times – have you seen any of these?judi&maggie

Clockwise from top left – Room With a view [1985], Tea with Mussolini [1999], Breath of Life [2002], Ladies in Lavender[2004] Next year they will appear together again in the SECOND Best Exotic Marigold Hotel along with a load of other aging luvvies…

2nd best marigold

These two women have proved that good acting and hard work outweighs plastic surgery. Judi is only 1½” taller than me! I think my favourite Dench role was Lady Bracknell in the 2002 star-studded ‘Importance of Being Earnest’ [she was equally brilliant in that role on the radio in 1995 – repeated last Saturday afternoon on Radio 4 extra] And my favourite Maggie Smith role must be as that amazing schoolteacher, Miss Jean Brodie. Smith has said of Dench

"Jude is the most incredibly level person. Generous, understanding. All the things I'd have to work very hard at, Jude is like that all the time. I would love to be like that. And working with Jude you have to try to remember that you ought to be like that"

What a great tribute. Happy birthday Judi [and Maggie too]


  1. I loved Judi Dench in Mrs Brown, and Maggie Smith is just sublime in Downton Abbey.

  2. Judi Dench was brilliant in "Earnest". I had never thought that anyone could do any new interpretation of the handbag line after Edith Evans did hers, but Judi Dench managed it. A whole new Lady Bracknell! That takes talent.

  3. I really enjoy a film with these two ladies in! 80! She's doing well!! I've only seen the end of the first Marigold film but loved it so I will look out for it. X

  4. Judi Dench is a real role model foof mine - I love her acting of course but more that she seems to be a really lovely person. I saw her with her daughter and the baby who must be a teenage now mustn't he at the Country Living Christmas fair and she seemed so normal and lovely. Happy birthday and many happy returns I say.

  5. I was so gutted when she stopped being M.

  6. Two of my favorites ~ Dench as M, and Smith in Downton ~ doesn't get much better than that!


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