Monday, 2 March 2015

Angela Becomes A Basket Case

Expecting to be driving on the motorways [M11, M25, M3, M27] back to Dorset I’d set up this morning’s post in advance. But I am still at Cornerstones – typing this with one hand.

I fell over backwards yesterday morning and injured my left wrist. I kept going and finished the basket, then drove to Adrian and Marion for my evening meal, as planned. Fortunately it isn’t far – I went there entirely in 2nd as it hurt too much to change gear! They looked at me and declared “A&E, don’t argue!” We ate the meal first, not knowing when we’d get back. The Hospital staff decided that the scaphoid may be broken – they want it X-rayed again in a fortnight.scaphoid

By 11pm [less than 3 hours at hospital – not bad as these things go] I was back here and in bed, my wrist velcro’d into a splint, dosed up on painkillers. I still feel quite woozy. I am grateful that

  • there is not much pain unless I try to use my hand [then there is a lot!]
  • I am right handed
  • I have a phone by the bed so can ring people if I need to
  • I can rest all I need to, in this lovely warm home
  • I have food and drink and all I need
  • friends and family are fantastic and helpful  [“they are Christians, they will bring casseroles!” declared Liz]

A&E Staff were fantastic – I realise now that the pain was leaving me a little incoherent and my story was confusing [Address Dorset, GP still Leicester, but doing basketry in Norfolk] Funniest bit “But I was supposed to drive back home to Dorset tomorrow” “Who is at home?” “My husband” “And will he be able to cope on his own?” “Oh yes!!” So grateful to A&E, and Adrian and Marion for last night.

I do feel rather silly – ‘injury sustained falling over whilst basketweaving’ Typing this much has tired me out – so apologies that I may not get to read and comment on this week’s Lent Pauses for a day or two.


  1. Join the club, I fell down the stairs on Friday night, landed with my right ankle twisted underneath me. Fortunately not broken.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, will Bob be able to travel up to collect you and take you back to Dorset? In the mean time, rest as much as you can.

  2. Oh dear. What a shame. You must rest your arm/hand now, yes I know you don't have time to rest etc, but in this case you must! Glad you finished the basket.
    Christians always bring casseroles, don't they!!

  3. When you are healed you will have to explain more about this energetic basket weaving!
    Get better soon as poss.

  4. oh dear me that sounds painful. Hope it's not broken just badly bruised.

  5. The way you injured it is too funny! Can just hear you explaining that one. Know it is painful, and can sympathize as too much knitting makes me hurt, too.

  6. Oh dear. Do you think this is the third and final disaster though and now you can go back to having good luck? I do hope so x x x

  7. Oh poor you! Great that you've seen the good in it though. Stay safe Ang!x

  8. Praying for a swift and complete healing!

  9. Poor you, hope it heals quickly!

  10. So sorry to read this, Ang - also wondering how you will get home? Glad you have such lovely friends around you to help out xxx

  11. Were you coming out in sympathy with Madonna?? I feel backwards last week too - toppled on to my boss's kitchen floor after climbing on to her window seat in the kitchen to close the window. I completely lost my footing and landed with rather a large thud! Thought I'd broken my ankle but it was just badly sprained. All the day after I told my Mother off for trying to climb up a ladder to the attic!! Hope you heal quickly. x

  12. Oh no! At least your basket lol!
    I do hope it mends well and you don't have too much pain.

  13. That's rotten luck. It will take time and patience to heal, so allow yourself to be ill and your body can get on with its job of healing. You can't rush these things.

  14. Ouch! Enjoy the casseroles! And we'll look forward to a picture of the basket some time so we can check that it was worth it! Look after yourself and enjoy others looking after you.

  15. Ouch!. Hope it heals quickly and gives no lasting problems


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