Monday, 6 July 2015

Amazing! Just Five Black Notes

I received this video on Saturday – American Independence Day. It was sent by my friend Robert Mandell [who is definitely an expert in musical matters, so I trust his judgment on the accuracy] This story is quite fascinating! The clip lasts 8 minutes – even if you don’t watch it all, at least listen to the first half, to get the history…

thanks Robert M and Carole V for alerting me to this one

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  1. He's entirely right! It's what gives 'negro spirituals' their distinctive sound. Likewise, when we hear Chinese and Japanese traditional music, the reason we recognise it as 'Chinese-sounding'', is because it too, is pentatonic. African music is derived (as he said) from the pentatonic scale. Balinese and Javanese music is too.

    Interestingly,the composer of Sister Act, the musical composed the tune for "I will follow him" which can be played on the pentatonic scale!
    Loved this video!x


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