Saturday, 11 July 2015

Badger And The BBQ


“This all looks very interesting” said Mr Badger, as he sat on his chair on the windowsill, watching Ang chop up peppers and tomatoes. “It’s the Connexion Summer BBQ” she told him “lots of ministers and spouses coming round for the evening”

Badger wasn’t altogether sure about some of the stuff Bob was cooking – “Will they eat Goat Koftas?” he asked.

connexion ferndown 07 15

“I suspect Bob may not tell them it is goat meat until after they have eaten it” Ang said. “Anyway there are vegetarian Rainbow Kebabs too, and some lovely bread rolls”



“Only two different salads, I notice – but not that delicious carrot and coriander one that Mags does – and what are those yellow slices next to the walnuts” 

Ang felt a little defensive “Those are Golden Kiwi Fruit. And anyway, Vanessa is bringing a couscous salad”

“And what about the Puddings???” “Penny and Jackie are bringing them, so they will be a surprise- but there is a tub of raspberry ripple ice cream in the freezer, just in case”

Bob had hung bunting outside, and lots of pretty lanterns with candles in. Mr Badger felt that it did appear to be under control  after all! Ang ignored him and continued her preparations.

connexion ferndown 07 15-001

And we had a wonderful evening. The goat koftas went down surprisingly well, as did all the other meats.  Vanessa brought two different couscous dishes. The puddings were superb – a chocolate and raspberry torte and raspberry puff pastry hearts went brilliantly with the raspberry ripple ice cream. And we chatted till late into the evening – even though we’d started the evening as comparative strangers, we finished it as good friends. Poor Mr Badger stayed inside on his chair. I don’t think he likes couscous or koftas!


  1. that's some bbq, good to see Badger observing from his window seat.

  2. It sounds wonderful! Mr Badger needs to have a little more gratitude!!!x

  3. Mr Badger sounds decidedly grumpy. Stick him in a cupboard with a small bottle of something fermented. Worked for us!

  4. Ha ha ha! Mags!
    He definitely has a fine seat and I'm not surprised he's comfortable enough to ask cheeky questions!
    What a lovely BBQ!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely gathering, no matter what Mr. Badger had to say about it. :)


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