Friday, 24 July 2015

Pride Of Lions!

IMG_0352Kids Club Day 2 was all about Daniel. So we decorated flowerpots to be lions. We did a similar thing two years ago at KMFC. On the left, you will see the sort of lions we made then. This year at UCF we had a slightly different lion[below], with concertina paper ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ . The cookery group made lion waffles [waffle bases from Lidl]

kids club 2015-002

We sang Boing!!! which is a great kids song by Dave Godfrey and was always very popular at KMFC. Bob and I cycled to church again. It is very weird to pedal up the cycle path following your husband, when he is wearing a top hat and ringmaster’s red coat, with the tails flying out in the wind behind him! Goodness only knows what the local people must think of the new Pastor.

KMFC are doing ‘Banana Island’ next week – I am sure they will have a fabulous time too. Best wishes to all of you doing Holiday Bible Clubs/Vacation Bible Schools/etc this summer. It is incredibly hard work – but really rewarding.

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