Monday, 13 July 2015

Red And Yellow And Pink And Green…

orange and purple and blue

colouring booksIt seems that colouring-in, for grown-ups, is the popular pastime at the moment, with the non-fiction best-seller lists including dozens of titles. There was an article in the Guardian recently about it.

I have never had a problem admitting to my enjoyment of this activity – but then I have always had the excuse of preparing something for the children around me;

…my own children, my Sunday School Class, my Girls’ Brigade group, Holiday Club, school work… And now I am busy sorting out exemplars of some children’s resources, ready for WWDP Link Day next week.


I began on Saturday evening by sharpening all the crayons in my tin, using my little hand-wound gadget [£4.50 from Lidl, years ago] Just lining them all up in a rainbow pattern is so satisfying!


Then I coloured in my worksheets – Cuba Cubes, and fichas [Cuban Dominoes] It was a very relaxing way to spend my time. But I am wondering now – I enjoy working with colouring pencils, but always do it with an end purpose in view. For this to be truly relaxing, is one supposed to just colour in for the sake of it? [in one of these fancy books at £8 a time?]

Loads of you who read this blog are very creative and artistic – look at the way PomPom has drawn Mr Badger. Do you prefer to draw our own designs, or do you get pleasure from colouring in a pre-printed picture? And did you enjoy Spirograph in your youth? [not surprisingly, I loved it for the maths involved in the designs]

Mr Badger is leaving me sooner than I expected, he has an important date somewhere truly splendid at the end of the month. So he will miss coming with me to Link Day in London, the Kid’s Club here, and a trip to Norfolk. I don’t think he minds too much!


  1. I like colouring in too but not bought a book though they had one in the Book People box

  2. I always loved colouring in, especially with new pencils! I certainly wouldn't buy an expensive book, I'd rather draw my own pictures.

  3. I would love colouring in but I have chosen another child-like pursuit - playing with clay! Angela - I did try several times to send an email to you thanking you for your lovely offer of a knitting case, but it just kept rebounding. Didn't like your email address? Anyway, really kind, but my grotty, dirty clay tools would just ruin the beautiful case! xCathy

    1. Thank you Cathy! I wish I had thought of you for wedding favours- the ones on your latest post are BRILLIANT! And you are right - your clay tools porbably would leave grey sludge everywhere

  4. I may have been known to colour in the odd picture or two once the small ones are in bed lol.
    If you own a printer a whole world of free colouring pages awaits! I've been printing off loads for each theme week in the holidays.
    X x

  5. My uncle bought me a spirograph set for my birthday when I was a child and I was enchanted with it for years! Absolutely loved the different patterns I could make with the various wheels - wish I still had it!

  6. I had a colouring book a few years ago, with quite intricate pictures inside, no idea what happened to it mind you.

    An online illustrator friend of mine has just had a colouring book of his artwork published and he went on to colour in his own illustrations!

  7. I'm going to get into this - I need to find a set of pencils like one huge one I had as a child! Cheers from carole's chatter


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