Saturday, 4 July 2015

What A Wonderful Name For A Village!

  • do they have a Summer Ball?
  • is the village Post Office called the Wool Shop?
  • are the locals called ‘great knits’?
  • is there a long and winding road?
  • do Robin, Rico, Rowan or Wendy live here? [or even Hank]
wool bridge (1)
But they clearly take a very dim view of vandalism, if the sign on the bridge is to be believed! This is the burial place of the Turberville family – believed to have inspired Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbevilles
On the subject of wool, I have just finished knitting a tiny little jacket for a prem baby, using a pattern which Fishcake kindly sent me. This was an interesting project – not least because the instructions didn’t say how many stitches to cast on. I worked it out by calculating backwards from Row 13! The other challenge was that it is knitted all in one piece, and you suddenly realise you have made the armholes. It was very quick to do. The little lacy pattern round the yoke is so sweet.
But it is July – absolutely no more knitting for a while now, my hands are way too hot and sweaty. And I still have wedding things to sort and put away. Steph has been brilliant at emailing us from Thailand with details of their honeymoon adventures [elephant riding, a Thai cookery lesson, sightseeing, swimming…]


  1. Love the baby knit, how very strange not to give the number of stitches to cast on in the pattern, that's a new one on me! It's good that you had the skill and patience to work it out. Does the baby knit have an intended recipient yet?
    So lovely to hear about your adventures in your new location, I know that neck of the woods and am enjoying hearing about your explorations. Vee x

  2. I suspect that the lack of stitches was simply a typo by Fishcake!
    We have a cupboard at church where knitted goods are collected then every so often are sent to a charity abroad [I really must find out where they go!] so this one may end up there.
    Yes- Dorset IS truly beautiful, I feel so blessed to be living here.

  3. There is a village in Shropshire called Knockin. No prizes offered for the name of the village shop! (At least when i lived in Shropshire about twenty years ago there was a shop in a village called Knockin.)

  4. Oh my, what a perfect little jacket! It's wonderful ❤


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