Monday, 27 July 2015

Fun In The Sun!

After an utterly appallingly wet day on Friday, Saturday was brilliantly sunny. Bob was at church by 8am to help demolish the back wall, opening up the worship area. The new chairs arrived – and it was all very exciting. Then at midday we were back again, setting up for the Family Fun Day

kids club 2015-004

Here is the Splat-the-Rat which we made together [he did the tube, I did the rat] and the Story Tent. I should have photographed it with the floor cushions in, it looked very inviting!

P1010885The children really enjoyed soaking the staff with sponges and water pistols, and people really took it in good part. We noticed that the faces at the lower apertures got much wetter than those at the top. Here’s Miriam taking a picture of 3 wet teenagers.P1010887


There was lots to do – inside craft activities, outside circus skills [buy a set of juggling bags, 50p!] giant jenga, temporary tattoos, balls-in-buckets, horseshoe-toss, hook-a-duck, nerf-shooting cans…and of course, an inflatable.

Miriam and I felt it was important this should be thoroughly tested before the children arrived. So we did this…it was fun!


It was hot and sunny and loads of people came, children, parents, grandparents… I was too busy chatting, and telling stories, to take photos once the event started. It went really well.

kids club 20151-002

Many of the indoor games were built by Neil. I was incredibly impressed by the trebuchet. In two parts [the trebuchet itself, and the castle target] You line up the engine, load it with a yellow leather ball, and fire it. If it hits one of the castle towers, they fall over and reveal a prize underneath. Fabulous fun! Lots of people bought sets of juggling bags to take home and practise.

Two views of the chapel – the wall which came down this morning was the original back wall – the new space is the part with the white roof. The lower picture is from the new area looking up to the front – you can clearly see where the new floor meets the old green carpet – and the stacks of chairs on either side.


Everyone has worked hard and pulled together as a team –not just this week at Kids Club, but generally as we have gone through the disruption of the building work. It is so exciting to realise we have been at Ferndown just six months – and seen this project go from a set of plans to an actual building. Interior redecoration and new PA yet to get sorted – but so fantastic to have been part of all this. Praying now that more people come in - to fill the new seats, and to find out more about Jesus.


  1. You will have so much more space!
    Enjoy your well deserved break now.

  2. It really does sound wonderful Ang! I'm really glad it went so well. SO creative too.x

  3. It looks like you've had a brilliant time! And blessed with good weather too! We're still waiting for summer up here LOL

  4. Looks amazing the whole thing x I wish I'd been in your story tent. I would have left Mattman with the Trebuchet.


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