Sunday, 10 April 2016

My 61st Birthday Dinner

Salmon Mousse with Black Pepper Crackers
garnished with our Garden Mint
Four bird roast
Amazing Roast Potatoes
Carrots, Cabbage
Tenderstem Broccoli
Bob's Special Gravy
Washed down with Sparkling Mineral Water
followed by Coffee

Bob did all this on Saturday night - less stressful than trying to prepare it on my actual birthday. I felt really special, and quite spoilt. Thank you Bob! and thank you everyone else for all your kind wishes - here, on Facebook, by email and by snail mail.  


  1. Oh dear. I have your birthday on my calendar and the day went by. I'm so sorry. But send you belated wishes now for a happy year.

  2. A very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns.

  3. Hello lovely! I tried to leave you a comment on my phone earlier but reception was awful! Saw your comment, remembered and felt guilty! Hope you have had a wonderful 61st birthday. So lovely you had such a beautiful meal too!!x

  4. What a lovely birthday dinner!


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