Monday, 14 November 2016

Hot Horror, Once In A Blue Moon...

Here I am at Hothorpe Hall for my WWDP Residential Conference.  The venue is lovely. The phone reception awful,  and Internet seems wobbly.  There is a lot of history surrounding this house.  See here. We had our first two meetings in the Drawing Room,  but evening prayers were held in the chapel.  
This is a picture I found on the net.  I must take proper photos with my camera.  The decoration of the ceiling is fascinating.  To my tired eyes it looked like a row of children in fur collars underneath a row of lobsters,  with a family crest straight out of Hogwarts! 
When not pondering the decor,  I am busy helping to plan the 2018 WWDP service,  using material from the women of Suriname. But it is almost midnight now  and I really ought to get to sleep.  I  tried typing Hothorpe in my phone and predictive text offered me Hot Horror!!  I am sorry that the poor weather meant I did not see the Supermoon tonight.  I  shall be 79 next time we have one this large,  and they may not let me outside with my Zimmer frame to observe It! 
UPDATE  God is so good to me - I  got up very early to drive someone to the station [local taxis would not come out before 7] on the way back,  the clouds parted and I saw the moon looking utterly beautiful!! 


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