Saturday, 19 November 2016

Initial Thoughts On Brotherly Love

It was my brother's birthday this week. I wasn't sure what to get him, so decided to go for something a little different - I gave him 6 small food gifts

If  you look carefully, at the parcels, you will see they are labelled with letters
A - D - R -I - A - N
that is
A = Ale
D = Dip
R = Root vegetable crisps
I = I.P.A.
A = All Butter Biscuits
N = Nuts
my original intention had been A = Almonds, and then have N = Nachos but there were none in store, hence the A.B. biscuits and Nuts.

He seemed to enjoy unwrapping each letter. I am not sure I could manage this for all my family. 
Bob could have Beer/Olives/Biscuits 
and Jon could have Jam/Onions
but what would I give Liz? Limes/Irish Cheddar/Zucchini...or would she want the full ELIZABETH
Perhaps this could be a new party game - I packed a hamper for my friend called "???" and in it I put "???"


  1. What about me?!
    Shiraz, Toblerone, Egg (Kinder), Prosecco, Haribo.

  2. I like the idea of Egg [kinder] for E

  3. Oh Steph, I wish I had P in my name... I am not thinking of anyone else. I am going out later to buy ... Hmmm. Actually must have a think about this!

  4. I thought this was a brilliant idea and was about to pinch it for a fun Christmas stocking until I remembered that I have two people called Alex. Any ideas for the x and we still might be on ☺

    1. X is a tough one, I have Xacuti curry powder but that's all I could come up with.

      Brilliant idea for a gift.

  5. X is a problem. You could perhaps use Herscheys Kisses - or relabel something Xocolatl, which is apparently the original Mexican word from which we get chocolate. Xylitol and Xanthan Gum are other less exciting Xs.

  6. Not come across xacuti curry powder. I have discovered Delia uses it as one of her 'cheat' ingredients,. Might be a good one if your gift recipient is a bit of a foodie

  7. A bottle of Wadworths '6X' would go down well...

  8. I love this idea (and also Steph's comment!! Hello Steph!!)x I have a z in my first name AND surname!!

  9. This is such a fun gift idea! Xmas cake or Xmas pudding for those with an X in their names?

  10. Xmas cake/pud is a brilliant idea!


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