Thursday, 17 November 2016

The First Christmas Card of 2016

As usual, my first card is the one I take to my WWDP Residential. I have been completely carried away with cutting felt birds using my die cutter. I decided on a variation of the theme we used at UCF for our Festival Tree, and made a dove [OK, I made a flock of them, there are a few people I want to send a special card to]
I cut out the bodies and wings and embroidered a word [love, joy, peace, faith, hope] on one wing, and 2016 on the other.  Not much extra embellishment, just a few stitches round the sequin eye, and down the tail. Then I sewed them together.
Here are a line of doves on the arm of the sofa.
I put hanging loops on to make them ornaments.
To make the cards, I got some regular cards and cut an aperture in the centre. I used my die cut 'squarish' shape, on the diagonal like a diamond.
I wanted to sew a small button on for the loop. 
Top Tip -you need to make sure the button isn't tight up against the card or the loop won't stay. To make a 'shank', sew the button to the card over a matchstick, then slip the stick out when you've finished.[see pic] That little bit of extra space will make all the difference.
Then loop the loop over the top and hang the bird in place [sharp eyes will spot that the Peace bird had a shorter loop so is hanging from the front!!]

My greetings were written on the inside of the front, in the four triangles - I could have used the back I suppose - but I didn't want to write where it would be visible when the card is on display! Here's a row of doves waiting to fly to friends...


  1. Those are really lovely! I can feel a bit of creativity coming on!

  2. Ang, they look beautiful! I love how much use you have got out of your die-cutter. they are such a great idea for keepsakes!

  3. What lovely cards! Thank you for sharing and showing us how to make them. Those doves will be flying on Christmas trees for years to come!


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