Saturday, 3 February 2018

Good Housekeeping

We have our next "Girls' Night In" this evening. After our last event we decided we had provided a little too much for people to do - so this time we are cutting back a bit. I am taking a craft though.
Last year I enjoyed the Mollie Makes Papercraft, which I found in Dereham Library. I was particularly impressed by the teeny weeny fold out house made by Alix Swan.
I wanted to create something similar- a little boxy house, with a fold out message inside, for a Valentine greeting, or some other occasion.
But not too complicated, and easy to put together in a short space of time. The book has gone back to the library so I had to work it out for myself.
First I drew out a net - and then printed off a load on some photocopy card I had in my Stash.
Then I brought the sheets back from church and sat down to make up an exemplar. At which point I realised that I had missed off two tabs! Not the end of the world, I fiddled mine with some paper and tape- and I have gone through the sheets and drawn on the missing tabs.
Then I scored and  folded all the crease lines [inked lines to the inside] And added a tuck-in slit on the bottom tab. Then came the fun part - colouring in the sides and roof of the house, and sticking it all together.
Alix had button windows and lace trim- but I omitted them.
The sides of the house are 5cm long. The sides of the roof are 3.75cm long. I ended up with an open box, and the roof is hinged along one edge, and the tab tucks in at the other to close it.
Then I cut a strip of paper  4cm from a sheet of A4 paper. I concertina folded it to get 4 squares and a narrow flap.
The strip was decorated with messages, cherub, button, a little love letter, a star shaped punch etc.
The end flap was stuck just below the roof hinge.
When closed, the flap is hidden away inside
It all looks very sweet, and you could do lots of variations depending on time and recipient.

I will post pictures of tonight's creations later.


  1. This is such a sweet craft! Definitely filing it away for later

  2. this is so cute! I really like seeing crafty things such as this!

  3. Such a cute craft, and Angela, I think yours is way cuter than the magazine original!
    Have fun!


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