Sunday, 4 February 2018

Hannah's Song

Earlier this week, I was thinking about Hannah Hauxwell who has just died. I decided to look again at the book of 1 Samuel in the Old Testament where we read about how God answers Hannah's prayers, and grants her a baby son [Samuel] In Chapter 2, when the boy is weaned, she takes him back to Eli, the priest. And she prays this amazing prayer. Verse after verse praising God for all He has done for her. Then I hunted around and found that there are dozens of posters using her words - just look at these and enjoy them!

Which of these do you like best?


  1. I honestly can't decide which one I like best but I do think Hannah's worship reminds me of David's style in the Psalms. They're great! I always remember Hannah and her sister Penina because I used to play in an orchestra with a very talented pair of sisters called Hannah and Penina! (Sorry can't remember the spelling!)

  2. I think the one I like best is 1 Samuel 2 v 6-7. It shows the whole sweep of God's power and how he can do everything. Thank you for bringing these wise words to our attention.

  3. They are all beautiful words.


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