Saturday, 10 February 2018

WHAT Did That Say?

A couple of weekends ago, when Steph and Gary were visiting, we went over to the Tank Museum. Steph's as bad as her Mum when it comes to trying on the outfits!
We looked at a display about desert warfare- how the tanks are camouflaged, how the troops live when access to water is restricted etc. Then we went into the Gift Shop.
Various items on sale, including a shelf of 'homewares' with plaques bearing cheery mottoes to hang around your living space.

We all felt the wording on this one was not terribly appropriate for someone who'd been managing the artillery out in the desert.
I mentioned our experiences at Bournemouth Airport the other evening. I am still unable to decipher the meaning of this sign in the Baggage Reclaim Area.
I couldn't get a photo without the light reflection, sorry.
But what on earth is "Damage resulting from ....the vice of the baggage" ?
My suitcase is an innocent little thing, I don't believe it has any vices - just annoying rattling wheels...
My last two pictures were of a book I came across recently and thought it was exceedingly sweet. I love the English version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Next year, it will be 50 years old. This wonderful story was inspired by a hole punch - and now over 30 million copies have been sold worldwide. The French edition has the lovely name "The Caterpillar Who Made Holes" - and I am fascinated that the caterpillar in that story is female. I just had to take a photo of the cover and an inside page.
Maybe I should try and get hold of a copy in French for Rosie!


  1. Maybe vice was short for "vice versa." In other words, they are not responsible for ANYTHING that gets damaged no matter what the reason! hahahahaha!!!!!

    1. I am sure that they have get-out clauses for everything!

  2. One never knows with baggage!


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