Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Votes For Women!

Centenary Celebrations
Recently rediscovered 100-year-old posters showing the struggle for votes for women have gone on show for the first time. [at Cambridge University Library - exhibition started on 3rd February]
Addressed simply to "the Librarian", a bundle wrapped in plain brown paper was delivered to Cambridge University Library sometime around 1910, and it took over 100 years for the contents of the parcel to be rediscovered. One wonders if the original librarian was a man!. In 2016, someone finally opened the bundle, the posters were  preserved in their original wrapping. Underneath the faded paper was one of the largest surviving collections of suffrage posters from the early 20th Century.
Here are just a few of them

Today marks the centenary of women achieving the vote in Britain. Let us never forget the struggles of Mrs Pankhurst and her daughters, Millicent Fawcett, and many others- who worked tirelessly for women’s suffrage. And when the occasion arises, do not let us waste this precious freedom to be part of our democracy. And let us always encourage our daughters and grand-daughters to do the same. [here's Liz with Rosie last June]


  1. What great posters. My grandmother born in 1898 did not get the vote until the 1930s. I went to the same school in Manchester that the Pankhurst girls attended and we were always aware of their fight for our rights.

  2. It has taken so long though hasn't it ?

  3. I read a great book called Radio Girls which talked about when the vote was finally given to all women. The sexism of the time was shocking! This year, for our Albert Hall concert we are singing a song based on words by the Pankhursts and about
    100 years of suffrage.x

  4. Women have the vote, but I'm sure that in certain circles they are still seen as somewhat 'less' important than men.

  5. Brilliant posters. Still some way to go though


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