Saturday, 1 September 2018

Bag It And Bin It, Together We'll Win It!

Thirty years ago Margaret Thatcher trotted out this twee little slogan in an attempt to get us all to tidy up our litter. I was greatly amused to read the story of this photo shoot [here] But with hindsight [a wondrous thing] one wonders if it would have been better to encourage the nation not to create so much litter in the first place? Next week is Zero Waste Week
Confusingly it is only Monday to Friday [3rd-7th September] not even a whole week, you can read more here. I expect I shall say more next week about the topic.
I've recently joined a Facebook Group called "Journey To Zero Waste" - which does at least acknowledge that we cannot stop producing all our waste overnight, it is a journey. I think it's important for me not to judge people who are at different stages of that journey, and to acknowledge that I too have a long way to go.
I'm concerned by the holier-than-thou approach of some people in the JTZW group who berate others for their different viewpoints. I'm bothered by young Mums who say they feel guilty because their child needs daily injections and the hospital uses disposable plastic syringes, or others on limited budgets who cannot afford milk in glass bottles and are condemned for using plastic ones from the supermarket. I want to shout "Get Real, People! Do what you can, where you can - but accept there is no immediate, perfect solution" 
We recently had a trial pack of this loo paper
Yes it is a good company, the paper is ethically produced, the profits finance sanitation projects in the third world...but honestly, neither Bob nor I could get on with this particular toilet tissue. It just did not suit us at all. We reverted to our usual [cheaper] recycled** paper from Lidl, and passed on the remaining trial roll for Liz to test out. You may choose to use this stuff at your own convenience- but I shan't. Please do not condemn me for that.
A recent article in the Guardian made an interesting case for veganism not being the answer to the world's food problems. I know some of you out there may disagree. 
But let's stay friends anyway - and just each concentrate on doing our bit in our little corner of the planet as best we can.
**back in the 1980's I remember a friend being horrified to see recycled loo paper in my trolley in the supermarket. It took me ages to convince her that it was toilet tissue produced from general recycled paper- not made from other people's recycled Andrex. A misunderstanding on her part which left her utterly grossed out!


  1. I was told at our farm it was cheaper for us to use plastic recycle bottles than glass.

  2. I completely agree with all you said - and especially about the "all or nothing" attitude of some people - I think that in the long run they do more harm as those who can't manage perfection often feel as though it's not even worth trying.
    I did read that article in the Guardian and to me it makes perfect sense but not sure that it will ever be achievable everywhere - but then again - if even some farmers manage to return to this way of doing things what a difference it would make.
    I have a couple of Vegan friends that I would love to discuss it with but they are both rather militant so not sure they would consider it worthy of reading. I've often wanted to ask them what they think would happen to all those animals that we now have if the world turned to veganism - wouldn't they all have to be allowed to die out with just a few samples kept on "zoos"? I've always wondered....
    I have reduced my use of plastic and try not to buy more if I have a choice, I recycle, use reusable bags and in general don't buy a lot of "stuff". But - money is a factor for me as it is for most people and frankly buying my milk in plastic bags (we get 3 litres at a time) is far cheaper than 1 litre of milk in a glass bottle would be so going on at people who have to make those choices strikes me as rather elitist and doesn't help the cause at all.
    PS - I use recycled paper loo rolls as well but if that other stuff is anything like the old loo rolls you used to use in the UK (I think it was called onion paper) then count me out!

  3. Don't get me started on plastic bags... NZ is about to ban them... but shouldn't we be better about how they are re-used or got rid of - just becasue something is to be thrown away surely we are smart enough to find ways to ensure the plastic won't get into the ocean... end of rant... Cheers from Carole's chatter

  4. Hi Angela, thanks for sharing zero waste week with your readers. I definitely do NOT promote the holier-than-thou attitude and believe in being honest and transparent when I write. I am proud to say that the Zero Waste Week Heroes Facebook group is very friendly and inclusive. Sure we get the odd 'strong debate' but mostly we have a safe, supportive and encouraging community :)

  5. Well done for you for this attitude, it is so important! I think my staff at school do get a bit tired of me going on about recycling but what I say to them is, IF we can reduce AND recycle, then we should and we shouldn't be lazy. This doesn't mean that I am holier than thou but if there is a recycling bin there that someone has taken the time to put there and someone IS taking it home, then that extra 30seconds to wash it out is important and I will always say that. When anyone says,"You are good," I say, "I am just trying to do my best!" But, I like to promote it by talking about it and doing it and as long as we can recycle our plastic milk bottles and glass and we do do that, I think is important rather than insisting on everyone buying more eco-brands.
    I like Nouvelle and Waitrose own recyled toilet tissue!

  6. Thank you Rachelle. Your approach is so accessible and non judgemental. Thank you for all you are doing to help people work towards Zero-Waste!

    1. Ang, you replied to me, not Rachelle!

    2. Sorry Kezzie- blogger seems to have posted my reply to Rachelle in the wrong place! But I love YOUR approach too!!


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