Friday, 12 April 2019

Brexit Bites

Last Autumn, Liz and I discussed the wisdom of preparing 'Brexit Boxes' in case March 29th came and the Government had not sorted out our food supplies. We agreed to put together a basic box and stash it away until it was needed.
"I hope I am proved wrong" declared Liz "And that we get through Brexit next Spring without needing to use the Emergency Foodbox. And when that's happened, I shall take it down to the Foodbank, because if I have been rich enough to fill that box, then I can certainly afford to give it away if my family do not need it after all" And I say "Amen to that!"
Now the date has been pushed back to October 31st, we have both agreed to sort out our boxes. I spread mine out on the dining table.
I have a bit of a problem - some of my foodstuffs are very close to their best before date, and others have actually past it. 
That does not worry me- I would still be happy to eat them. However the bank will only take stuff with a reasonable shelf life, which is perfectly reasonable. 
I have sorted out my packets and tins. The tins are mostly OK, but the panettone was BBE January. I cannot find a date on the amaretti [a Christmas gift] Homemade jam is not accepted by the bank. The UHT milk is on the edge of expiry. About 50% of this lot is going into the Blessing Bin at Church- and the remainder will be used promptly.
These two items are in date, but I am keeping them. My SIL received them in a hamper from at French 'town-twinning' friend and passed them on - duck paté and coq au vin. 
The instructions for reheating the chicken are all in French, and the paté doesn't look terribly appetising, it is an interesting grey colour. [I am sure it will be fine when opened] I think these possibly might be difficult for the foodbank to rehome.
Confession - there were originally two panettone, bought very cheaply in the post Xmas sales. I got one out a couple of weeks ago because we were both so fed up with the Shenanigans in Parliament we needed to cheer ourselves up!
Did you have a Brexit Box - and what have you done with the contents now?


  1. I got some reduced price Christmas chocolates in case of brexit....I ate them in February!

  2. No I did not have a Brexit food box. To think that there would be a problem with food supplies is laughable. I can understand that a particular brand might have difficulties but all food to necessitate a food box!

  3. Well, no Brexit Box over here, but, what I have is a pantry shelf full of earthquake/emergency supplies, for that eventuality which is more of a "when" than an "if" in southern California. My concern is having enough food and water on hand for when a major earthquake knocks out electricity, water, and gas, causes damage to buildings including grocery stores, damages roads and infrastructure so that food deliveries will be disrupted, etc. I try to incorporate the items I store into my everyday meals to keep them from expiring.

  4. I bought extras of some of our preferred branded items - both in case of supply difficulties and price rises.
    I am keeping my large boxes of teabags (I get through quite a lot anyway) but will donate some of the tins. However, as I have 2 of my children at university they will also be happy to take some excess tins and pasta off me (plus our local foodbank have specifically said no beans, pasta or soup at the moment) - particularly as Student Finance have said they've overpaid the one of them....

  5. I've been whittling away at mine for weeks now! Don't think I'll bother again when the autumn comes along. (We are however going to plant a load of veg...)

  6. No Brexit over here but I do keep a well stocked pantry for a few reasons:
    1) I have mobility issues & don't drive so on days when I'm in a lot of pain or having difficulty walking it's a relief to know that I DON'T HAVE to venture out.
    2) I've been laid off more than once and now live on a small pension so buying items on sale and having a good supply on hand just makes financial sense.
    3) I live in Canada and we have extremes of weather - crazy winter winds & ice & snow storms and very hot summers with storms and power cuts not unusual so once again, it pays to have food on hand.
    I have been eating things down over the past few months as I didn't want to find things gone bad so starting next week I will be watching the sales and starting my restock.

  7. I wouldn't bother with a Brexit box, it could take a couple of years yet to sort all this out!!

  8. out of date panettone makes great trifle sponge used it this week

    1. I have never tried that- I use it for 'posh' bread and butter pud- but never considered it for trifles. Thank you!

  9. This whole Brexit issue must confuse friends round the world, but I realise that in many places, extremes of weather mean that these friends permanently have an emergency box stashed away.

  10. It confuses a lot of people in the UK as well


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