Thursday 24 December 2020

Advent At Home - Christmas Eve

It’s been a difficult year. The whole country is unsettled, confused- and sick of the instructions coming from those in power. Some days even I have found it really difficult, and I’m usually laidback, and cope with all the stuff life throws at me. But I’ve so missed seeing my Mum – she’s up north, I’m down here in the south. I’ve really needed her reassuring hugs and wise words – but it is impossible for us to be together right now.

I never thought it would be this hard here – he’s got family all over the town, but it seems we can’t stay with any of them, so we are in this dreadful temporary accommodation. He can’t find work, we are dependent on the kindness of others for the most basic necessities of life. Will our nation ever get back to ‘normal’, with a government that actually notices the poor and the marginalised?

Joe has been so patient, so caring. I’ve been sick, or weepy, and complained about having such a huge belly and he has brought me warm drinks, and rubbed my back so gently. But even he has had times when he’s struggled with it all. 

The birth pains have started, and I hadn’t realised just how much it would hurt. But I’m hanging on – because I do believe it will all come right. I don’t know how…but my baby is going to be born very soon. I still don’t understand why the Lord chose me – I’m nobody. But the angel told me – and Joe – that this child is be called Jesus, Saviour.

And once our son – God’s Son – is here, then things are never going to be the same again for us – or for anybody. I know that when he grows to be a man, he will speak out for justice and truth, for peace and love. His grace and mercy will be unbounded, and he will be the king whose kingdom never ends.

But tonight I imagine there will be just 3 of us here – me, Joe – and the baby whose bed will be a blanket on the straw in the manger…

[I wrote this piece last weekend for inclusion in one of our Christmas Services]



  1. Wow! This is super powerful and so relevant.
    By the way, thanks again for calling me yesterday. I can't tell you how happy it made me to chat to you and I'm honoured you chose me to call! Merry Christmas, dear friend.xx

    1. I was so pleased to hear how much better you are both feeling!

  2. Replies
    1. God bless you as you prepare your Christmas services

  3. That's a wonderful post, Angela. I wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas, no matter what might be going on in the world and our countries.

  4. How lovely - thank you. And thank you for such a lovely blog all year round.
    Happy Christmas to you and to Bob. Stay safe.

    1. You too Margie - and keep up all the good work over there in Canada!


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