Tuesday 1 December 2020

Horses For Courses

Rosie is loves horses. She is slowly building up a collection of Schleich models,giving them her own quite idiosyncratic names; Whitey, Sparklehooves, Clumsy etc [she resisted Liz's suggestion to called Clumsy's mother 'Mumsy'] She recently lined them all up in her bedroom, and asked Liz to take a photo and send it to Grandma. 

Over the Summer at Grandma's nursery, she loved going for walks [gallops] wearing her strap-on hobby horse. And of course, discovering that Grandma had a Sylvanian stable, which once belonged to Mummy Liz proved unbelievably wonderful. We turned them all into Unicorns on one special day. She is as horse-mad as her Mum was at that age...

As I was thinking about the Christmas Decorations, I remembered we'd had a Christmas Rocking Horse back in the 80's.
It had come from the NT shop at Ightham Mote, a favourite place to visit when we lived in Kent. It was a printed sheet which had to be cut out and sewn up.

But the stuffing had gone strange and his legs were limp. He kept falling over - so about 10 years I just left him in the decorations box, and said "I'll fix him for next year" but never did. I got as far as removing the rockers

Finally last Thursday I got the job done,. I unpicked his hooves, pulled out the stuffing, and then restuffed, adding fresh fibres.

When Rosie saw him, in our WhatsApp chat, she was so excited. I am glad I got round to fixing him at last.I suspect he will be travelling to Norfolk soon so that Rosie can play with him there.


  1. Love the smile on Rosie's face, in the picture with all her horses lined up!

  2. He looks so much better now, 'Repair shop' to the rescue!


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