Monday 14 December 2020

Advent At Home #3 - In The Bubble

I have already mentioned my new Rend Collective CD.  I think this is my favourite track. Written this year, in the light of the pandemic, I think it expresses beautifully how I feel about the true meaning of Christmas.

It just doesn't feel like Christmas at all
It's so hard to forget about all that went on
Some friends lost their jobs and some family too
Some people said it was all down to you

But I know Emmanuel, you're one of us
You left your throne to wear our scars
Though Christmas lights may lose their spark
And winter's cold may break our hearts
Oh Christmas means, Emmanuel you're one of us

So sister and brother, be kind to each other
We've all had a journey, our own path to wander
The light will come - Just know you're not alone

I met a friend outside the Post Office, and I asked her what she would be doing at Christmas "I'm bubbling with my son" she said. I don’t know who will be in your family bubble this Christmas- but whatever the restrictions placed upon us, nothing can prevent Jesus from being included. Emmanuel means “God, you’re in our bubble with us” – and that makes our Christmas joy complete. And this is not a transient bubble, but his eternal presence, joy forever.  As the hymn says “Solid joys and lasting treasure, none but Zion’s children know.”

Christmas means, Emmanuel you're one of us


  1. What a lovely Carol service yesterday.
    It made me happy and I loved the game and follow up.
    Everyone played their part beautifully. I wish I were nearer so that I could come to one of your services when they resume.
    Please thank everyone involved and wish them all a very happy Christmas regardless of all the restrictions.

  2. Thank you so much Sue. I'll pass on your kind words to Miriam, our hardworking Youth Minister


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