Friday 4 December 2020

Elf Service

One local shop which I visit frequently is Fabricland. They have an online service too [so I can still access their goods when I'm in Norfolk] Whilst they've been closed in Lockdown, they have been doing lovely little livechats about their Christmas products and new fabrics. All very well organised, and there is opportunity to type in your questions ,which they answer very promptly.

They have a huge variety of Christmas themed fabrics, and lots of ideas for making these into ornaments and gifts. Not that I know anyone who wants a Brussels Sprouts coat for their pooch. But there are kits of aprons, oven gloves, stockings etc. Following a recent Livechat I entered the competition to win an Elf Kit. And I won!

The kit includes pattern and instructions, plain 'body' fabric, striped fabric for leggings, and 3 other Christmas prints*. Plus threads, buttons, elastic and bells - and a big bag of stuffing. The kit says you can make three elves - but I have enough leftover to make a 4th elf body, and will be able to make his clothes from Christmas fabrics in my stash [spare buttons and bell in the kit too] 
If making for a small child, skip the buttons and bell, use circles of felt, and a pompom instead [Elf and Safety] *The fabric prints vary from kit to kit,but always with red, green and cream backgrrounds - and you can choose pink or beige fabric for the body.

I cut out three elves on Sunday evening, and spent about 6 hours over the next two days sewing them together. I used a chopstick to help turn out the slim arms and legs, and push the stuffing into them. It is important to pull the stuffing into little 'snowballs' about the size of a grape, and push them down separately. If you try and thrust a huge lump of fibre down the leg, it will feel uneven, and not look so good. 
I left the features till last. I put on the hat and then used pins to decide on the best position for the eyes. Then I embroidered them and the mouth [the kit includes floss]
I am very happy with my three little elves. Thank you Fabricland for sending me such a lovely prize. Your Very Good Elf!


  1. That's a great prize! I very much like your kimono-glad elves.

  2. What fun! Well done for a really useful win.

  3. I think they are lovely, are they Scandinavian in design?

  4. They do look rather Scandi don't they? But I think they were designed by someone at the store.


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