Sunday 13 December 2020

It Begins In Bethlehem

Today would normally be our Christmas Family Service, with dramas and dressing up and lots of participation from our young people. So hats off to Miriam, our Youth Minister, who has done a sterling job of getting them all involved whilst socially distanced, and Bob for assembling all the contributions and doing the technical bits. Thank you to all who have been involved. You can follow the service here from 7.30am. 

And you can also watch this years Nativity story from the Bible Society, narrated by the gifted storyteller Bob Hartmann. [Just 5 minutes long"]


  1. Thank you for sharing, Angela.

  2. I'll be watching this later and I think I'll pass it along to both our ministers. Our intergenerational service is next Sunday and families have been busy filming vignettes and home and then submitting them so the ministers can pull everything together - quite the challenge! Back later.


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