Saturday 19 December 2020

I'm Using All Five Senses!

It is so easy to take our five senses for granted. But I have been trying, as I work on re-training my nose, to be more conscious of the other four. So here are five things from this week

SIGHT - this fell out of a poetry book. I looked at it and looked at it. I have no idea why I marked my place in Emily Dickinson's book with a heart bearing the words "Archimedes and ½ a cup of butter". I see the words, but they make no sense!

TOUCH instead of wrapping my Etsy package in plain paper, I've used a mismatched white cotton napkin and tied it with a plaid bow. Inside there is a sheet of tissue. I hope the recipient enjoys these as she unwraps them. 

TASTE  - on the packet, it said "Why not try apple crisps? Preheat your oven to 100°. Slice apples into fine slices, take out pips. Arrange on lined baking sheet [optional, sprinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon] Bake 45-60 minutes till dry. Transfer to cooling rack."  So I did. They are quite delicious and a healthy snack [no added sugar needed]

SCENT - how lovely to receive the gift of fresh flowers at Christmas. From a friend who hoped they'd help my nose-training. Yes! They do! I can smell the lovely perfume of the white blooms quite clearly, the yellow narcissi not so much. But I'm bunny-sniffing them daily. Thank you dear friend!

Finally SOUND - this one is quite, quite crazy. Knowing our fondness for Rend Collective, one of our deacons sent us a link to a Russian folk group called Otava Yo. Read the translation of the lyrics as you listen to this cheerful band - I hope this brings a smile to your day.


  1. Oh, I'm intrigued by your bookmark! Thank you for sharing the link to the song - it was very interesting. :)

  2. There are experiments in teacher resources demonstrating Archimede's principle using a block of butter placed in water. Perhaps you were making a note to try it?

    1. This sounds a distinct possibility - maybe I was doing an American recipe which required half a cup of butter & that would be an easy way to measure it. Thanks Lynn!

  3. Several years ago, before iPad/tablets were a thing, I had a tiny 7" laptop. When I eventually got a proper one and went to pass on the tiny one, I thought I should delete everything on it. In the word processing bit, which I'm sure I never used, was a file called "Stuff" which I expected to contain some random information. It contained the single sentence, "Stuff an archbishop full of walnuts.". I have no idea...!


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