Sunday 16 May 2021

Walking, Baking, And Resting,

Saturday was busy but good. In the morning, we had a very wet walk round Scarning Meadows with the family. "Excuse me, what is your dog's name, please?" being Rosie's constant greeting to the people we met. I'd never heard of the shepsky cross-breed before. Over the stream, we saw a muntjac, a pheasant and a couple of cows - and in the stream, a water vole swimming along at speed. Rosie found half an eggshell - and loved clambering on the playground stuff with Dad and Grandad.

In the afternoon, to give Mum & Dad some space, we looked after Rosie, and she and I made cookies. She's never seen my big tin of cookie cutters before, and spent ages selecting which ones to use!

It was great fun weighing and mixing the ingredients - discussing the difference between ground cloves and whole ones- and the fact you don't call the other spice kinnamon with a hard 'C' sound. 

By the time she went home, we were both very tired- as last time, the second covid19 vaccination left us very drained and achey. 

Today will be less busy, as we seek to regain strength for the coming week.


  1. We used to say curly c and kicking k-probably aren’t allowed now.

    1. Oh "Letterland" was [is] wonderful! The pictures had so much detail and the little stories were ingenious.

  2. How lovely that you and Bob both get to spend time with Rosie! She's such a delightful little person! Hope you continue to feel well after the second dose.


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