Thursday 13 January 2022


Rosie loves dinosaurs - we had a Dinosaur Day in July 2020 at Grandma's Nursery, and in August 2021, we did the Norwich Dino trail, and saw Dippy in the Cathedral. George is equally keen on these creatures. Seeing the news of an ichthyosaur being discovered at Rutland Water reminded me I had not done a review of our trip to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure which is a popular local attraction.

We went with the family on Monday December 27th. It was great fun. George certainly enjoyed seeing all the animatronic models and roaring back at them.

It is not particularly cheap - £15 for adults, and children over 90cm [George got in free] and half price for disabled/carer tickets. But there is a lot on site. The day we went it was cold and damp, and lots of the attractions [toddlers' soft play room, splash area etc] were closed. Some parts were also shut because of restructuring works. 

It was not too busy - I think in the summer, in better weather, with everything operating, you would get your money's worth...but there would be hundreds of other people there too, vying for a drive on the dino dodgems, or a swing on the fabulous Predator High Ropes. 

There were dino models to look at, and play structures to climb on

Also a section with live animals - domestic farm animals, and more exotic creatures
Plus all the usual eating outlets [drinks, hot dogs, burgers, donuts and more] and well maintained toilet facilities.
The inevitable gift shop - and an indoor slide area.
George liked his green dinosaur balloon on a stick
We were there a couple of hours. I think had the weather been brighter, and more of the attractions open we would have stayed longer. The woman in the Gift Shop told me that the park was closing on January 4th when the schools went back, and would probably not reopen for at least 4 weeks - numbers were so slow, the management felt it was not viable.
I suspect we will be going again - with one of more grandchildren, of course. 
The info panels, and activities like digging in the sand to find fossils were well planned [not age appropriate for G though] and I certainly think KS1 and KS2 children would get a lot of enjoyment. I would probably take a picnic lunch rather than queue for burgers. 
With around 20% closed, I think there should have been some discount on prices - but I guess they are struggling to keep going during the pandemic
I'd rate this
 ****but will review again if we make another visit. Certainly George and Bob enjoyed themselves


  1. I would have loved this as a child!! Would definitely like to visit!!

  2. Dinosaurs have a really popular phase every couple of years don't they. I know my youngest son was absolutely mad on them for quite a few years ... some dinosaur tails are as painful as Lego to step on!!

    We drive past the Trafford Centre on the way to my Mum's every week and they have an outdoor dinosaur 'experience' which virtually always has lots of families milling around.

    1. I must check with Steph if George has been there, the Trafford Centre is quite close to them

  3. Thank you for sharing this, it looks amazing. Food at those sort of places is always expensive. I suppose they top up their profits there.

    1. I think you are right (just like the National Trust tea rooms)

  4. Our older son (now 42!) was crazy about dinosaurs when he was little and we had several books about them. He would have loved this place!


  5. Sounds like a great place for a family outing! My daughter was very into dinosaurs when she was little. :)

  6. What a great place for children and grandparents. Good that dinosaurs can be safely enjoyed, I don't think they would have been so popular in their day!

    1. Animatronic ones are definitely smaller and safer

  7. My kids used to love the books about the adventures of Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs when they were at pre-school & in reception.


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