Sunday 15 October 2023

More Than One Day In March...

I knew that each year.the annual Day of Prayer Service in March was planned by the Christian women of a different nation. During my time on the National Committee, I learned that the country was asked 7 years beforehand, and given their theme by the international HQ. They had to have their service prepared at least 3 years in advance of the day, so it could be translated and distributed round the world. Often that theme proved to be timely and challenging once the set year arrived. The upcoming 2024 service was prepared under lockdown conditions - by women from Palestine. 
A month or so ago, I was sent materials for next year's service. The theme will be based on Ephesians 4: 1-3 "I beg you...bear with one another in love" The picture on the cover of the service booklet is of three Palestinian women sitting together under an olive tree. 

The Palestinian Christian women who wrote this worship service have invited the world to pray for peace, justice and freedom of religion and freedom of movement. Their prayers specifically call us to pray with women, refugees, persons experiencing homelessness, and all who are sick, dying and grieving. They also call us to confess to our collective role in causing the climate crisis, and to commit to repairing what we have destroyed. Finally, they call us, the global church, to be united in treating all with justice and love.   
In the light of the awful things happening in Palestine/Israel right now, the WDP International Committee has issued a statement
The World Day of Prayer is not just one day, and especially in this time of extreme violence, we call for prayer now, and in the days to come. Sitting with the discomfort of this moment is essential as we listen to the cries of the world and the call of God.   
As a Christian women’s prayer movement, we join with our siblings of all faiths, especially Jews and Muslims. We caution against the use of gender-based violence, all too common in times of war. We call for the protection of all children, noting that half of the 2.2 million inhabitants of Gaza are under the age of 18.  
 We long for the dawn of a new day for the peoples of Israel and Palestine. We believe that God is always at work, and always moving us towards love, justice and peace. We pray with all of our siblings in Israel and Palestine for a just and lasting peace. We hope that our worldwide community, divided as it is, will recognize that we are all connected, and that we must all take responsibility for the circumstances in the Holy Land. We must never give up on a commitment to peace, justice, and dignity for all the people living in the land. 
WDP International also published this prayer. I share it with you now. 
God of Peace and Justice, 
We cry out to you with broken hearts and deep anguish for what is unfolding in Israel and Palestine. It is difficult to find the words to express the weight of this moment. We rest on your Spirit, who intercedes with sighs too deep for words. We ask that you heal every wound, and you give us wisdom for how to stop this cycle of violence. We pray especially for women and children, who are particularly vulnerable in times of war. 
Move our world quickly towards peace and justice - Amen


  1. Beautiful post, thank you. Sandra.

  2. I honestly fear that this time, this job is too big for any god.

  3. It is an enormous problem. But I will hang on, in faith, and continue to pray 🙏 for peace 🕊️

  4. It is terrible what is happening. Prayers for peace, and for all the people.

  5. Amen and amen.


  6. Thank you for this ! So need hope right now!

  7. Yes, may all beings be well, peaceful, and free from pain, sorrow, and suffering. May kindness, compassion, and loving-kindness douse the fires of hatred, enmity, and the thirst for revenge.

  8. I just can't imagine what it must be like for the ordinary people caught up in this war.
    Thank you for the prayer.

  9. Prayers can bring comfort, and hopefully people will find their way to peace.

  10. It's awful for ordinary people. Thank you for this prayer.xx


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